Enriched Virgin Coconut Oil

Product ID : EVCO


As we continue our journey to bring out more 100% natural and pure products, we have  launched our next product which is “Enriched Virgin Coconut Oil with Algae”, where we have added more natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the Virgin Coconut Oil by infusing Algae in to the oil.


This newly developed Enriched VCO contains 7 types of Algae,  apart from the goodness of what Virgin Coconut Oil brings. All of this algae complement each other to provide most benefits to the consumer’s internal and external wellbeing.


This oil is first of its kind in India, and globally, which is packed with natural nutrients and antioxidants. Algae’s benefits are many, some of the benefits are it aids weight loss, potential cancer fighter, improves hearth health, reduce cholesterol, reduce inflammation, metal detox, prevent hair loss, treatment for many skin related problem including psoriasis  etc..with its rich vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals  it is considered as a super food.


We have ensured that this product do not go through any heat treatment and made sure all the nutrients of Virgin Coconut Oil are preserved and further enhanced with what Algae offers.