Location of the Factory



After having done a lot of research on the availability of best raw material and quality of Coconut for its purity, matured coconuts from Kanyakumari has one of the best quality of oil in the state. With the production of around 3000 lakh coconuts with cultivation area of about 25000hectre(source CDB and Director of Statistics), Kanyakumari is in the top list of districts for setting up coconut and coconut related products production unit from a raw material quality and supply stand point. Adding this to the director’s experience in the local market and network, naturally presented itself as the best place for setting up the plant.


Kanyakumari district has the advantage of both South-West as well as North-East monsoons has abundant mineral sands. Coconut farming is a major source of income for the locals and is one of the largest agricultural cultivation in the district. Kanyakumari has a total area of 1672 sq.km and second high density population of 1119 right after Chennai in Tamil Nadu. With a total population of 18.7lakhs the district has about 36% available or 6.8 lakhs of workers.