• What is the difference between Coconut oil from Copra and Virgin Coconut oil?
  • What is the difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra-Virgin Coconut oil?
    To-date there is no industry standard definition for Extra-Virgin Coconut oil like that available in Olive oil, most producers use ‘Extra-Virgin Coconut oil’ word more for marketing purposes only and there is not difference between both in the Virgin Coconut Oil industry.
  • Is there much difference between Organic and non-organic Coconuts?
    Some brands are labelled 'Organic' and priced much higher as the cost incurred in certification by a licensed authority and pass through stringent requirements in growing and processing. Organic Certification for Coconut is not really necessary because Coconuts grown are naturally organic.
    There have been various studies done to find pesticide residues in Coconut, but not able to find any, there are few products which are naturally organic which are Coconut, Onions, Avocado, honey and few others. While having Coconut farmed under organic conditions
    While organic farming is a good practice, it is not necessary for coconut fruit, as it is practically sealed off and the coconut tree trunk is so good in its ability to filter hence it’s coconut water makes it a healthy drink and its products are used in Water purification and water treatment plants.
  • What is the big news about MCT oil vs Virgin Coconut oil and which is better?
    Pure MCT Oil, which is Medium Chain Triglyceride oil, is also some times referred as liquid oil is mostly the combination of two fatty acids extracted from Coconut oil or Palm Kernel oil. These fatty acids are Caprylic acid(C8) and Capric acid(C10) which are 8carbon chain and 10carbon chain fatty acids which gets absorbed in to the body quickly and energy efficient and do not go through the standard digestion process. However in the industry, these fatty acids are separated using chemical which makes them non-edible and mostly used in the cosmetics and massage industry. Though there is a physical separation process available to separate them which subjects Virgin Coconut oil to higher degree of temperature. In order to get the benefits of these fatty acids and 12 carbon Lauric acid(C12) which is the major component of Virgin Coconut oil, which has the most antimicrobial properties, it has been recommended by many Biochemists and Nutrionists to consume Virgin Coconut Oil in its natural form is better than MCT oil separated by other means.

    When Lauric acid is consumed(also considered as Medium Chain Triglyceride), it metabolizes differently, they go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, which are used as quick source of energy or converted into so-called ketones, which can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzhimer’s.