Virgin Coconut Oil and Confusion about Saturated fat

Posted by : Guhan Periasamy
Posted Date : 08 Dec, 2017


There are many blogs and write-ups continue to challenge the health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil, claiming that there is not much evidence, there are plenty of sources to help clear the confusion, only if one knows where to look.


An extract from http://coconutresearchcenter.org article


“Show me the evidence.” That’s the universal battle cry of the critics. Is there sufficient evidence to justify the safety and value of coconut oil? There is actually plenty of evidence, if you know where to look. On the Internet there is a website sponsored by U.S. National Institutes of Health called PubMed (www.pubmed.gov). This is a research tool that indexes nearly 6,000 medical and biological journals published around the word.


And for more details if anyone is still confused about the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and need more evidence, then please click the link below and read the article and related sources...


The Coconut Oil Miracle: Where is the Evidence?



Posted on :- 08 Dec, 2017

Fantastic info. very useful references...

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